Sleep is a must for all of us to be healthy, especially if we are not well and need to heal.  Adults need an average of 8 hours of sleep and kids need even more.  While we sleep our growth hormone (which helps us heal from our day’s bodily insult and work) pulses.  During this time, our melatonin (which has immune system benefits, anti-cancer, and anti-oxidant properties) also pulses.  It is no surprise that those who are chronically sleep deprived suffer from more chronic illness, more cancer, and more inflammatory conditions.  Sleep apnea has become more widely diagnosed in the past several years because of an increased awareness of its existence.  This condition will cut years off of the lifespan and significantly decreases quality of life.  We work closely with our patients to find some combination of strategies that promote quality sleep.  Magnesium is one of our favorite recommendations to improve sleep, but it may not be enough.  Balancing hormones, correcting nutritional deficiencies, treating infections, decreasing inflammation, among other strategies help adults and kids to find more restorative and restful sleep.