This seems like the buzz that fills the exam room over the past several months.  Rightly so!  The micro biome (the bacteria that God created to live within our digestive tracts, on our skin, in our mouths, and those sensitive private areas) is of great importance as it plays a significant role in our health and healing.  We take a unique approach for each person – working to rebalancing the body’s natural state of living with these microbes.  After all, there are 100 trillion cells of bacteria in our digestive tracts that are directing the show!  If these are not diversified enough, are of imbalanced species and types, are being constantly challenged by toxicities and medications, or just stubbornly “off”, the results initially can be bloating and / or indigestion, but many suffer with chronic constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and heartburn.  Ultimately, over time, these imbalances can result in autoimmunity, severe fatiguing illnesses, mental illness diagnoses (gut-brain connection), and  a weak immune system.  This aspect of healing cannot be overemphasized as we coach you to better health.