This follows closely with getting your mind back.  The mood is a very important part of having a good quality of life.  An anxious mood can cause people to avoid connecting with others, avoid traveling, and avoid doing things that they would otherwise love to do.  A depressed mood can ruin relationships, cause lack of motivation, loss of enthusiasm, and result in feeling isolated and lonely.  Suicide is the end point for some who don’t find ways to alleviate severe anxiety or severe depression (or other diagnosed mental conditions which relate to the mood).  Dr. Offutt’s first conversation with someone who shares such concerns includes education about being who you are and not a diagnosis.  For example, some patients will come in and say “I am bipolar”.  She will say, “no, you are a human being who has been told by someone that you are bipolar” and start looking for that underlying cause.  Chronic infection, chronic toxicity, chronic significant nutritional deficiencies among other deeply rooted causes must first be investigated.  Our conventional medical practice has gotten way too lax about prescribing medications for these symptoms without looking for underlying causes first.  As the world of medicine has evolved, doctors are trained and required to spend less time with patients (be more efficient) and to address each symptom with a prescription.  Patients have come to expect this type of care as well.  If this is the type of care that you are seeking, there are plenty of doctors out there with this training.  However, if you want to avoid medication or decrease your overall medication burden, look at alternatives, and work on these issues using an Integrative Medicine approach, we would love to partner with you.  We will not judge you if you are on these medications.  We find that the doctors that prescribe them and the patients who take them neither one really understand that there are alternatives that can be quite effective.