Patient friendly leading edge allergy solutions that are safe and effective.

Suffering from seasonal allergies? We all know the symptoms and have most likely tried every type of relief available from over the counter, homeopathic, prescription medications and pretty much anything that offered some type of relief. While these offer some help, we can offer a solution that does more than just mask symptoms.

How do we help?

What if your “allergies” are not really allergies?  It all starts with the proper diagnosis.

Each person may have a unique set of sensitivities that cause symptoms. Not all of them are obvious. You have symptoms which can be exhausting and irritating. You may not have them because of allergies.

Your symptoms may be the result of irritants like smoke, perfume, or even the weather. An incomplete understanding of what you are allergic to (or not allergic to) can lead to poor management of your symptoms.

An ImmunoCAP blood test can help your provider gain a fuller understanding of the allergens that you are really up against in order to effectively treat your specific condition.

What are the advantages of doing a blood test for allergies?

ImmunoCAP is a safer and more accurate test for allergens than the “old fashioned” skin test. By testing the high binding capacity of clinically relevant allergen proteins (including those present in very low levels) through a standard blood draw, we are able to get more accurate results. ImmunoCAP can quantitatively and accurately determine if patients are allergic and exactly what they are allergic to. Additionally the allergy panel at Heart and Soul has been tailored to look at the allergens in our specific region.
Not only is ImmunoCAP a more accurate method for allergy testing, but it is also more convenient for the patient:

  • Standard non – fasting blood draw (no overnight starvation required)
  • Does NOT require you to be off of antihistamines for 2 weeks prior (skin test requirement)
  • Is covered by most major insurance carriers
  • Allows for a personalized approach to managing your symptoms

The ImmunoCAP blood test results will give your doctor an accurate reading of exactly what you are allergic to, and how sensitive you actually are to these allergens. These are proven scientific laboratory tests that will aide in providing the best information possible for you.

So after you get tested, what happens next?

Your results will be discussed with you by your provider. Depending on your results, you may be a candidate for immunotherapy (allergy shots). This service is provided here at Heart and Soul and consists of allergy shots given one time per week in office. Our allergy shot patients come in by appointment which means no long waits in the lobby, and the cost for the allergy serum used is covered by most major healthcare plans.
Our allergy compounding pharmacy uses naturally occurring ingredients to formulate your customized allergy treatment. They use only FDA-approved, organic ingredients that provide you with an effective natural product, free of the chemicals and compounds found in traditional allergy medications.

What else do you need to know?

Average allergy sufferer spends $600 in allergy medications that only treat their symptoms. Immunotherapy is the only therapy that provides a chance for cure!

You do not have to wait for allergy season to do something about allergies. Talk to your Heart and Soul provider about getting an ImmunoCAP blood test today.